Xanthan Gum Supplier in Gujarat Details

Xanthan Gum Gujarat

Xanthan Gum Gujarat

Xanthan Gum Gujarat

Xanthan Gum Gujarat

Xanthan Gum Gujarat

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Sl. No.


Required Specification

Result obtained

1. Physical State The material shall be in the form a free flowing powder, free from lumps and visible impurities As per requirement


Moisture Content at 105 ± 2 0C, percent by mass 15.0 (Maximum) 10.22%


Rheological Properties:

Prepare 0.5% (w/v) Solution in Distilled Water containing 4% (w/v) of Sodium Chloride in Hamilton Beach Mixer.Adjust pH in the range 8 – 9 and determine rheological properties at 24 ± 2 0C.

I. Apparent Viscosity in Centipoise

II. Gel0 in lbs/100 sq. ft

III. “n” value at 200 and 100 rpm






15 – 25

5.0 (Minimum)

0.4 (Maximum)










Cross Linking Properties:

To 495 ml of Distilled Water, add 5 ml of 3% (w/v) Solution of Calcium Chloride, add 0.5% (w/v) of the Sample, while stirring in HBM for 20 minutes. Add to it 0.2% (w/v) Chrome Alum Powder and stir further for 10 minutes. Adjust pH 8 - 9 by adding 1N – NaOH and determine rheological properties at 24 ± 2 0C



Packing 25 kg PAPER bags with inner liner
Marks CFC XC Poly
25 kg Net weight
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