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The term Barytes is gotten from the Greek baros meaning overwhelming. Barite is found in the southern parts of India. Barytes (or barite) is a normally happening mineral type of barium sulfate. It is separated by both surface and underground mining. Its primary properties are its high particular gravity 4.2 4.5, low solvency; it is non-poisonous, and furthermore artificially and physically non-responsive, low abrasiveness and mistiness to x-rays. It is accessible in protuberances and powder shape.

Barite is utilized as a measuring operator in oil well-boring liquids to balance certain weights that outcome from well penetrating operations. In this procedure, Barite is smashed and blended with water different materials. It is then directed into the penetrate gap. The heaviness of this blend checks the power of the oil and gas when it is discharged starting from the earliest stage. This permits the oil and gas fix administrators to keep the dangerous arrival of the oil and gas from the beginning.

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