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Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is part of the way water dissolvable and water dispersible. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate acts to help in balancing out shale segments, controlling solids scattering, and further developing divider cake attributes. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is profoundly sulfonated by a special cycle which prompts somewhat oil dissolvable also. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate gives a more great emulsifying trademark. It is additionally exceptionally impervious to temperature. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate settles shale development by restraining the crumbling of the shale both artificially and genuinely. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate restrains the scattering of penetrating cuttings, controls high temperature high pressing factor (HTHP) filtration. It diminishes force and drag, delays the existence of the piece, further develops channel cake quality, and upgrades well usefulness. It likewise goes about as an emulsifier of diesel oil. Potassium Asphalt Sulfonate is a demonstrated broadly utilized penetrating liquid added substance having numerous fine properties.

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