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Amine-treated Lignite is a filtration‐control added substance intended for use in all oil‐base frameworks, and also synthetic‐base frameworks. It is a compelling contrasting option to black-top or Gilsonite where their utilization is undesirable. Amine-treated Ligniteis viable and relevant in all oil‐ and synthetic‐base penetrating liquids, and is perfect with different added substances.

Effective filtration control alternative to asphalt and gilsonite products
Applicable to all oil‐base and synthetic‐base systems
Compatible with other additives
Disperses easily when added through a hopper

Widely available and low cost polymer for fluid Loss control
It is an effective at providing filtration control in most water based drilling fluids.
It is effective in low concentrations.
It is Non–Toxic.
It is not subjected to bacterial fermentation and calcium contamination.
Can be used in Most water based Fluid systems

Properties Value
Appearance Off white to creamish free flowing powder
Nature of Polymer Sodium Carboxy Methyl Cellulose
Moisture Content Max. 10%
PH of 2% Solution 7.0 – 10.0
Solubility Soluble in fresh water
Toxicity Non Toxic
Filtrate  volume  Max 10 cm3
Viscometer Dial Reading at 600 r/Min Max  90
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