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    Covers a Range
    Drilling fluids Oil and Gas Wells
    CHEM FERT CHEMICALS covers a range of drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells,
    Mud Chemicals, Work over and Completion Fluids.

Welcome to Chem Fert Chemicals

CHEM FERT CHEMICALS was built up in the year 2016 essentially with the goal of providing complete bundle of mud chemicals required. CHEM FERT CHEMICALS has made a specialty for itself among the boring liquid administration organizations as a solid hotspot for Drilling Fluid Additives which they require for their Mud Fluid Systems for oil and gas investigation.

"promoter is having experience of more than 10 years in supply chain management with various chemical segments including oil and drilling field, water treatment, fertilizer."


We accomplish this by increasing resources - people, knowledge, technology and equipments.


Our vision is "To be the best in class and having a balanced portfolio in the oil & chemical industry".


  To become an employer of class/choice
  Strive for excellence in performances
  Contribute to an enterprise & a state

Everyone works toward a common goal: Find the right product and get benefit.

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