Ammonium Bisulphite is the most common chemicals used as one of the Oxygen Scavenger. It is used in both fresh water and saltwater drilling fluids containing dissolved oxygen. It reacts with and eliminates dissolved oxygen as a possible source of corrosion in drilling mud systems.

Sr. No.


Specified Value


Activity 65% as NH4HSO3


pH 5 to 6


Specific Gravity 1.29 at 20 C , min
  • Eliminates Corrosion due to dissolved Oxygen
  • Reduces the possibilities of drill pipe failure such as twist-offs, washout, etc.
  • Increases the lift of pump valves, seats, and liners.
  • Extends the life of the drill string.
  • Reduces rig equipment maintenance cost.
  • Extends the lift of casing strings and production tubing.
  • It is a stable liquid and does not deteriorate when exposed to the atmosphere for an extended time.
  • A higher concentration of excess SO3 can be achieved with the undiluted liquid material.
  • Packing : 200 Ltrs / 240 Ltrs drums
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