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It is a unique sort high sub-atomic weight polymer and is utilized as a part of little amount to increment the thickness of API Bentonite suspension of low grouping of bentonite in the system. It is basically utilized as a Viscosity for the Drilling Mud Systems.

With its two-overlay yield can keep up a given consistency with one-a large portion of the ordinary mud solids. This is an incredible added substance for low strong boring liquids. It likewise tends to make penetrated solids shape agglomerates and settle out. This further improves its utilization as an added substance in weighted and unweighted non-scattered boring liquid frameworks.

It expands the yield of bentonite and is fit for multiplying the yield of bentonite
Infiltration rates are enhanced by better strong control.
Bit bearing life is stretched out by better solids control.
Blending time is decreased because of lower bentonite focus vital for requiredrheology.
Less divider cake develop because of least measure of bored solids.
Lessens Fluid Loss and general Drilling costs

Moisture 12%
PhValue 8% - 10%
Swelling 30% - 33%
Liquid Limit 650% - 700%
Gel Index 85% - 90%
Passing Through 200Mesh 90%
Methylene Blue Test Upto 440%
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