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Sulphonated Asphalt is a modified sodium Sulfonated asphalt compound.
Sulphonated Asphalt use for shale control, fluid loss improving, Torque and Drag Reduction, Inhibition of Swelling clays of all water muds.
It’s Also Known as Shale Stabilizer for HTHP Fluid Loss Controller.
It is compatible with all water-based mud system.
It Improve lubricity thereby reducing torque and drag of the drilling string.
It is Prevents bit and downhole assembly bailing by preferentially oil wetting the drill string.
It’s Reduce HTHP (High-Temperature High Pressure) Fluid Loss and Improves Filter Cake Quality and helps heal microfractures

Properties Value
Appearance Blackish brown powder
Bulk Density 850-950 Kg / m3
PH (1% Solution) >8.5
Moisture Content (% by weight) < 10
Solubility in Distilled water (%) Min 70
Solubility in DMS (%) Min 20
Sulphonate Group Positive
Thermal Stability 200°C
Particle Size > 90% through BSS 40.
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