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CHEM FERT CHEMICALS was built up in the year 2016 essentially with the goal of providing complete bundle of mud chemicals required by the Drilling Fluid Industry for oil and gas fields. CHEM FERT CHEMICALS has made a specialty for itself among the boring liquid administration organizations as a solid hotspot for Drilling Fluid Additives which they require for their Mud Fluid Systems for oil and gas investigation. CHEM FERT CHEMICALS covers a range of drilling fluids for Oil and Gas Wells, Mud Chemicals, Work over and Completion Fluids.

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Chemical Importer and Trader India - Our experts stay up to date with the market patterns and keep close participation with organizations in the related field, which encourages us in adjusting to our client needs. With persistent R&D, we guarantee that new products are produced with accuracy and flawlessness and as per the market requests.

Since our origin, we could accomplish our focused on turnover and piece of the pie to wind up plainly a conspicuous player in assembling, providing and overhauling our clients. This was made conceivable because of our development as an application centered, innovation driven producer of strength chemicals to take into account the interesting needs of our customers. We are enabled with a dream to improve consumer loyalty with a thought process to drive new and repeating business. We attempt greatest endeavors to comprehend client desires and outline our offerings and conveyance to meet those desires. Up until this point, we have set up our solid market goodwill and extensive customer base.


Our mission is to deliver environment friendly chemicals which are safe for both; the humans and the planet earth. We want to achieve this mission by using ‘innovation as a tool’ and ‘mechanism as a method’ to develop and exporter the best quality chemicals across the world. We want to utilize every possibility in an effective manner to make earth the best planet across the universe.


Every action across the world has an advantage attached with a disadvantage. It completely depends on how well effectively and positively is the thought process of an individual implemented on ground. Our vision is to be positive while implementing our thought process and that too in a manner which is beneficial to mankind. Our vision is to fetch the advantages at the most and recycle the disadvantages at the most; by selecting the perfect opportunity from a pool of advantages and disadvantages; and then utilizing the perfect opportunity by implementing the same at a right time, and on a right place.


1. Promising VS Implementing: Our primary objective is to focus on implementation, rather than wasting our client’s time and money behind mere promises.
2. Quality VS Quantity: Quantity production requires speed, but somewhere affects quality. So, our second objective is to maintain a balance between speed and quality.
3. Cost VS Relationship: Every business stands on two core values i.e. product pricing and client relationship. So, our third objective is to maintain the client relationship by quoting a reasonable price.
4. Support VS Sales: Sales is important for every business to exist. But it doesn’t mean that there is no post-sales support. We follow strict guidelines about complete post-sales support for our clients.

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