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Drilling mud (gel) is imperative in the extraction of drill slicing throughout the drilling processes.
Drilling mud (gel) is a principal element in the top drilling process.
Another traditional use of bentonite is as a mud constituent for oil and water properly drilling. Its roles are basically to seal the borehole walls, dispose of drill cuttings, and lubricate the reducing head.

Bentonite extracts the drill cuttings from around the bit which is then floated to the surface.
Bentonite seals the drill gap towards seepage and prevents wall cavities and leakages.
Bentonite (Drilling mud) served to cool and lubricate the drill bit.
Bentonite shape slurry with leakages that is pumped via drill stem and out thru drill bit, OCMA & API Bentonite.

Sr. No. Parameters API 13 A SECTION-11 (OCMA)
1 Viscometer dial reading at 600 rpm 30 min
2 YP / PV Ratio 6 max
3 API Fluid Loss 16 ml max
4 Residue > 75 ┬Ám 2.5% max
5 Moisture Content 13% max
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