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Chrome Lignite exporter

Chrome lignite exporter in India

Chrome Lignite is a uniquely planned and artificially altered lignite compound intended to be utilized as a Drilling Thinner, Fluid Stabilizer and Fluid Loss decreasing operator in all water based muds. It is a superb added substance for rheological adjustment at high temperatures.

Chrome Lignite exporter

Chrome Lignite Supplier is utilized for diminishing and filtration control, reason in water based muds at high temperature. It is likewise utilized as a thickness reducer and to increment rheological Stability and filtration control.

It stabilizes both fluid loss and rheological properties at high temperature.
It is a good thinner and fluid loss reducing agent particularly at high temperature.
Compatible with all water based Mud Systems and performance is not adversely effected by the presence of contaminants
Reduces Differential Pressure sticking and HTHP fluid Loss

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