Product Details

It is a dry, powdered blend of air blown black-top, unsaturated fats, dispersants, and lime. It is an exceptional mix of surface dynamic operator, emulsifier, wetting specialist and divider cake making material for making laugh hysterically total oil based spotting framework.

Being a penetrating stuck remover, it is utilized to free stuck pipe which has down opening issue much of the time experienced in boring operations.

It is soluble in water, diesel oil, crude or low toxicity oil.
It does not require high shear and long mixing time.
It allows quick and effective operation in case of stuck pipe problems.
It can be weighted upto the desired drilling fluid density.
It may be incorporated into drilling fluid after pipe is free.
It is a very effective stuck pipe removal fluid.

Properties Value
Appearance Grayish
Specific Gravity 0.98
Lubricity Coefficient 0.3 Max
Hygroscopic No
Solubility Soluble in Water
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