Defoamer is an effective antifoam suited for Oil Well cement slurries. It is particularly designed to eject entrained air from Organic Admixtures. It is also used in making polyvinyl alcohol based clear adhesives as it does not impart haze to the final product.

combination of polyalkylene Glycols


Pale yellow viscous clear liquid

Active content


Dispersibility/ solubility

Dispersible in water


7 +/= 1

Defoamer can be easily added / blended into admixture formulations. Recommended level of addition is approx 0.08 to 0.14% of total weight to remove and contro the entrained air in the given system

Defoamer reduces entrained air without changing slurry properties.

The minimum dosage required will depend upon the organics which are present. Defoamer will eliminate air which causes problem in pumping. Trowelling and complete cavitt filling. it was also prevent excessive shrinkage, porosity and weakness of the set cement.

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