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Causticized Lignite is a uniquely defined and synthetically changed compound of lignite. It is a Partially Soluble Additive that gives thin low porousness channel cakes went with low liquid Loss. It Improves Fluid Loss Properties

It might be utilized for religious philosophy and filtration controls in water base mud's and for keeping up a consistent pH. It is particularly powerful at settling the property of mud's presented to high temperatures and defilement.

It is particularly viable in high temperature applications and in scattered frameworks as a synergistic added substance with Lignosulfonate. It can be utilized as a part of any water base liquid.

It is utilized for diminishing and filtration control reason in water base muds.

It improves filtration control.
Reduces viscosity and gel strengths.
Extends the temperature limitation of water base fluids.
Functions effectively in a wide range of Muds even in the presence of contaminants
Improves filter cake by reducing its permeability.
It controls theology and reduces fluid loss, extends temperature limits, emulsifies oil, reduces flocculation and stabilizes water base drilling fluids
Reduces HTHP fluid Loss


Blackish Brown  powder

Bulk Density 

900-1000 Kg/m3

Moisture Content (% by weight)


Solubility in water (% by weight)

> 70

PH of 2% (2% w/v in d/w)


Particle size

90% through BSS-40

Temp Stability

>2050 C or  400oF

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