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Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad Solutions

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad : Chem Fert Chemicals

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad - Lignosulfonate, a natural and versatile dispersant, is finding increased favor in Ahmedabad's diverse industries. However, traditional lignosulfonates often contain traces of chromium, raising environmental concerns. Fortunately, Chem Fert Chemicals steps in with Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad, a sustainable alternative for your industrial needs.

What is Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad?

Chem Fert Chemical's Chrome Free Lignosulfonate Ahmedabad is a high-performance dispersant derived from plant matter. Unlike traditional versions, it's completely free of chromium, making it safer for both workers and the environment.

This eco-friendly product offers a range of benefits for various applications:

  • Superior dispersing and suspending properties: Effectively disperses pigments, dyes, and solids in water-based systems.
  • Enhanced fluidity and viscosity control: Improves flowability and consistency in concrete, drilling fluids, and other formulations.
  • Dust suppression: Binds dust particles, minimizing airborne dust in mining, construction, and agricultural operations.
  • Biodegradability and sustainability: Breaks down naturally, posing no threat to soil or water resources.

Where to Use Chrome Free Lignosulfonate in Ahmedabad?

The versatility of Chem Fert Chemical's Chrome Free Lignosulfonate makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of industries in Ahmedabad:

  • Construction: Improve workability and reduce concrete cracking in screeds, mortars, and grouts.
  • Textile: Enhance dye dispersion and levelness in fabric dyeing processes.
  • Drilling: Optimize performance and reduce friction in drilling fluids.
  • Agriculture: Facilitate spraying and foliar application of fertilizers and pesticides.
  • Leather: Enhance tanning efficiency and improve leather quality.
  • Foundry: Control sand casting moldability and prevent sand agglomeration.

Buy Online and Experience the Chem Fert Advantage:

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad - Chem Fert Chemicals offers convenient online purchasing options for its Chrome Free Lignosulfonate Ahmedabad. Visit their website or leading e-commerce platforms to access competitive prices and fast delivery across Ahmedabad.

Trusted Manufacturers and Suppliers in Ahmedabad:

Chrome Free Lignosulfonate Ahmedabad - Chem Fert Chemicals is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad. Their commitment to quality and sustainability has earned them the trust of numerous esteemed clients across the city.

Make the Eco-Conscious Choice with Chem Fert Chemical's Chrome Free Lignosulfonate:

Chrome Free Lignosulphonate Ahmedabad - For Ahmedabad's industries seeking high-performance dispersants with minimal environmental impact, Chem Fert Chemicals Chrome Free Lignosulfonate is the ideal solution. Choose sustainability, choose Chem Fert Chemical!

Sl. No.


Required Specification

Result obtained

1. Physical State The material shall be in the form a free flowing powder, free from lumps and visible impurities As per requirement


Moisture Content at 105 ± 2 0C, percent by mass 15.0 (Maximum) 10.22%


Rheological Properties:

Prepare 0.5% (w/v) Solution in Distilled Water containing 4% (w/v) of Sodium Chloride in Hamilton Beach Mixer.Adjust pH in the range 8 – 9 and determine rheological properties at 24 ± 2 0C.

I. Apparent Viscosity in Centipoise

II. Gel0 in lbs/100 sq. ft

III. “n” value at 200 and 100 rpm






15 – 25

5.0 (Minimum)

0.4 (Maximum)










Cross Linking Properties:

To 495 ml of Distilled Water, add 5 ml of 3% (w/v) Solution of Calcium Chloride, add 0.5% (w/v) of the Sample, while stirring in HBM for 20 minutes. Add to it 0.2% (w/v) Chrome Alum Powder and stir further for 10 minutes. Adjust pH 8 - 9 by adding 1N – NaOH and determine rheological properties at 24 ± 2 0C



Packing 25 kg PAPER bags with inner liner
Marks CFC XC Poly
25 kg Net weight
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