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Elementis Specialties' scope of cationic surfactants contains quaternary ammonium mixes which can be founded on dimethylsulphate, diethylsulphate, methyl chloride, benzyl chloride or epichlorohydrin; all of which are accessible in water and different natural solvents.

Cationic surfactants demonstrate surfactant properties over the entire pH run. Numerous uses of cationic surfactants depend on their adsorption conduct on adversely charged surfaces. Ordinarily quaternary ammonium mixes are utilized as hydrophobic operator, hydrotropes, antistatic and softening specialist (textures). The scope of ester-and amide based quaternary ammonium mixes agree to the European cleanser directions.

Product Name Description Appearance
(20 °C)
Active Content
(% m/m)
Servamine KAC 458 coco alkyl trimethyl ammonium methosulphate liquid 45
Servo® Q 8010 lauryl amido propyl trimethyl ammonium methosulphate liquid 60
Servo Q 8040 undecyl amido propyl trimethyl ammonium methosulphate liquid 40
Servamine KAC 100 polyglycolether (15 EO) cocoammonium methosulphate liquid > 99
Servamine KZB 402 poly quat liquid 60
Servamine XW 445 PP TEA esterquat dispersion 45
Servamine XW 690 TEA esterquat liquid 90
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